• Even the most dilapidated cars will find a buyer, and that’s a good thing. You can get rid of junk cars for cash instead of having to pay a service to take it off your hands.

    But first you have to be careful who your buyer is. With the wrong buyer, you may get yourself in legal trouble if you’re still the official owner of the car and it’s used in the wrong ways.

    So how do go about exchanging junk cars for cash? Here are some tips that can help you out.

    1. You can’t hurry the process. That’s the first rule you need to keep in mind. You can’t just go with the first buyer you come across on Craigslist. You’ll need some time to do research and to get quotes from potential buyers.

    2. Stick with legit businesses. That often means getting verifiable credentials issued by the local DMV. You can find these businesses online, by using Google and reading reviews online. Some of your friends may give recommendations if they’ve already sold their cars to buyers without any hassles. Your mechanic can offer some suggestions as well.

    3. The nearer the better. It’s not enough that the junk car buyer is based in the same state or city as you are. If you live in a big city, it’ll be better for you if you can deal with the nearest buyers located near your place. That’s because good junk car buyers offer to tow away your car as a free service, but the distance may affect how much they offer for your car. If they’re located at the other side of the city, then the great distance will cost them more fuel and greater wear and tear on their towing vehicle. That means they may reduce their offer as recompense for the extra expense.

    4. Get a list of 3 or 4 possible buyers. That’s a manageable enough list, and then you can call them for quotes. They will as you certain questions to ascertain the condition of your car, and then they will give you an offer. You can then pick the one with the greatest offer. Just make sure that all these companies on your list are reputable and that they offer free towing and a free quote. If they charge for quotes, dismiss them from your list.

    5. Make sure of the proper procedures. When the buyers come at your place, first you need to see some ID. Then they have to take care of the paperwork right away so that you’re sure they’re going to take ownership and responsibility for your vehicle.
    Finally, you have to be paid in cash on the spot, and the amount paid to you must be the same as the quote. Don’t take a money order or a check, and don’t agree to the deal if you have to go back to their office to get paid. If they say that the price has changed because of the condition of the car—and you’ve answered their questions honestly over the phone—drop the deal and talk to another buyer.

    Exchanging junk cars for cash can be a straightforward affair, but you need an honest and reputable buyer. Don’t get taken in by illegitimate buyers—they’ll give you even more problems than a decrepit car. You’re better off trying a legitimate recycler.