• Be Careful When Contacting Cash for Junk Cars Companies: Top Scams

    Sometimes, the possibility of getting cash for junk cars can seem just a bit too good to be true. After all, some towns offer “free removal services” which imply that in some cases you’d have to pay for the service. But the truth is that some buyers won’t just tow away your car for free—they will even pay you for the vehicle!

    However, you have to beware. You may think that the process is straightforward, but it’s also possible that you can be scammed. Here are some of the more popular scams perpetrated by unscrupulous buyers.

    1. Free tow away service. This is similar to what some towns offer. There may be laws that prohibit you from parking a junk car on your street or even within your property. If that’s the case, then you have to get rid of your junk car right away before you’re hit with a fine.

    Some towing services may take advantage of your desire to obey these laws, by offering their towing service as a fee. They make it sound as if they’re doing you a favor. But the truth of the matter is that a junk car still has some monetary value, and a legit buyer will pay you for it.

    1. Unlicensed junk car buyers. Not everyone can legally buy these cars. The buyers usually have to have a license issued by the local DMV. That’s because there are environmental and legal issues to deal with, and licensed buyers have the capability of recycling these cars responsibly.

    However, some buyers may not be legit. So they may harm the environment when they take your junk car apart. They may even fail to take ownership properly, so that you’re still the registered owner if the car is involved in some legal trouble. It can be resold or used for a crime, and you can be legally liable as the legal owner until you can prove otherwise.

    1. Bait and switch. When you sell a junk car, you have to get quotes from several Licensed buyers so you can pick the one with the highest offer. Generally, they’ll ask you some questions to ascertain the condition of the car so they can offer the price they think is right.

    The problem is that when they get to your place, they may quote a lower price than what you received over the phone. They might even insist that what they’re offering now is actually what they offered over the phone. In some cases, they’ll say that you were not so honest in your answers about the car and it’s not in as good a condition as they had expected.

    They’ll offer you a lower price, and you may be tempted to just agree to it to save yourself the hassle. That’s why this scam is so popular.

    1. You’re not paid on the spot. You have to be paid in cash when you hand the car over to them. If they offer you a check, offer to pay next week, or insist on paying at the office, it’s a scam. It’s cash for junk cars right away or no deal.

    Avoid all these scams, and you can get rid of your junk car safely and legally. What’s more, you get some cash for junk cars as well.


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